Trump v. Truth

One of the many things that makes America great is that we are able to conduct largescale elections effectively, with trustworthy results. Not all nations are so blessed. In many places, elections are followed by further unrest and contention, often violence, caused by mass doubt about whether the election was fair—and the doubt is often … Continue reading Trump v. Truth

It’s Bosses’ Day, Y’all!

Last Friday was Boss's Day … or is it Bosses' Day? I had a good back-and-forth with a coworker about the proper spelling. If you search the web, you'll find that almost everyone calls it Boss's Day. But I think that's rubbish. And since we're on the subject, is it Mothers Day, Mother's Day, or … Continue reading It’s Bosses’ Day, Y’all!

Truth Speaker In the song "Poppin" rap artist Bizzle begins by saying "I went from truth seeker to truth speaker." This short line represents the important transition from one who has been looking for truth to one who, having found what he was looking for, is eager to help others find it too. It grabbed me … Continue reading Truth Speaker

Cosette was Delighted to be a Baroness

In Victor Hugo's most famous work, Les Misérables, there is a girl named Cosette. Her father left her mother before Cosette was born. And though Cosette's mother loved her dearly, they were separated when Cosette was very young, and Cosette was raised by a couple who treated her much like Cinderella's stepmother treated Cinderella. When … Continue reading Cosette was Delighted to be a Baroness

The Quiet Power of the Romney Resistance

The election of Donald Trump was met with the collective tantrum of a juvenile #resistance, a too-obvious reactionary buzzword around whose glow quickly gathered the moths of youthful progressivism, eager for the validation of their peers. It meant nothing. It asked nothing of its members other than, perhaps, to yell into the Twitterverse, buy a … Continue reading The Quiet Power of the Romney Resistance

Marriage in the AHD

My dictionary of choice, for reasons I won't go into now, is the American Heritage Dictionary. In fact, the first dictionary I ever purchased was the third edition of the American Heritage College Dictionary (I was in college, after all). The one I have at home now is the fourth edition. (For even in the … Continue reading Marriage in the AHD

The Phantom Attraction: How Episode I renewed my love of Star Wars

When I was in middle school in the mid '90s, a few of my friends properly introduced me to Star Wars. By my high school years—1996 to 2000—I was a certifiable fan. Not obsessed, but certainly into the movies, with a level of Star Wars literacy bordering on nerdy. At the time, "the movies" could … Continue reading The Phantom Attraction: How Episode I renewed my love of Star Wars

Brown is Back in San Diego

The San Diego Padres have made my wish come true. Well, one wish, anyway. They still haven't won a championship, but they have brought back the brown! Yes, in July 2017, I wrote a post arguing that they should do this. At the time, there was a bit of a grassroots movement among some fans … Continue reading Brown is Back in San Diego

The Palm Phone: a Positive Review

Palm, the company that made popular PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) back in the 1990s has been bought up and resurrected with a phone released last year that's unlike any other phone out there. Except, in many ways it is like a lot of other phones. Just smaller. Way smaller. I haven't posted a tech review … Continue reading The Palm Phone: a Positive Review

Rocket Men

Like many boys, I went through a phase of fascination with astronauts and the U.S. space program. For me, this came in seventh and eighth grade, and coincided with the release of the 1995 film Apollo 13. As time passed, the fascination waned, even though I always thought the space program was very cool. Then, … Continue reading Rocket Men