A New Deliverer and a Fail-proof Deliverance

I have just started reading the book of Judges, and already God has raised up Othniel, Ehud, and Shamgar to save Israel from oppressors. These deliverers bring peace to Israel for a time, but they’re only a quick fix. They’re like bandages—they stop the bleeding, but don’t heal the underlying problem. Not long after the … Continue reading A New Deliverer and a Fail-proof Deliverance

In Defense of Baseball

Spring is upon us, and with it the start of the baseball season. I’m so ready for this, just as I am every April. It’s fun, it’s frustrating—it draws you in.  Around this time of year, though, the most frustrating thing is having to defend baseball to haters (such as my baseball-bashing roommate, Gary).  I’ve … Continue reading In Defense of Baseball

God Does Not Play Dice

Two theologians just finished the final part of a webcast exchange concerning the age-old debate between Calvinism and Arminianism. It was conducted in Christian brotherly love and mutual respect, and both the participants were learned Bible scholars, James R. White taking the Calvinist position, and Michael Brown taking the other.  I just want to say … Continue reading God Does Not Play Dice