Gearing Up

At 9:10 this morning I came back to the apartment from an exhilarating bike ride. I hadn’t ridden a bike for a very long time before that. Maybe six or seven years, really. I used to dabble in mountain biking with a friend of mine. He was the real cyclist; I just came along, but … Continue reading Gearing Up

A Tinkerer, an Approximator, and a Blunderer

So-called theistic evolutionists, have the problem of splitting the difference between belief and unbelief in the Bible. They want to accommodate what they’ve been told is the evidence for evolution while still holding to God’s revelation. But such juggling just looks silly, especially when science doesn’t require (quite the contrary) belief in evolution. Scientists and … Continue reading A Tinkerer, an Approximator, and a Blunderer

To Dream, Perchance to Succeed

The American dream, as it is called, seems to be the object of universal scorn, condemned from both inside and outside the church. Indeed, in some circles, faith in an American dream is no doubt considered the very litmus test of naiveté. This may be because such derision is in vogue, or because the American … Continue reading To Dream, Perchance to Succeed

The President’s Advice

Last Saturday, while I was at the beautiful Palomar Christian Conference Center, President Obama addressed the graduating class of the University of Michigan. He was there, not a little nauseatingly, awarded an honorary doctorate degree for, well, nothing really. And while his transparent attempt at this address to reposition himself as a centrist will probably … Continue reading The President’s Advice