Rocket Men

Like many boys, I went through a phase of fascination with astronauts and the U.S. space program. For me, this came in seventh and eighth grade, and coincided with the release of the 1995 film Apollo 13. As time passed, the fascination waned, even though I always thought the space program was very cool. Then, … Continue reading Rocket Men

World Peace is Coming Whether You Want it or Not

[Song lyrics here] The world is broken. It is everywhere filled with hatred, violence, avarice, and exploitation. By God's grace, in the midst of all the conflict there is still a great amount of charity, but it is nonetheless clear that the human family is utterly dysfunctional. We want rest from the malice, rest from … Continue reading World Peace is Coming Whether You Want it or Not

We Need More Politicians Like Mitt Romney

About three years ago, before election day 2016, I wrote my opinion of Donald Trump. I feared the direction politics would take if he were chosen by Republican primary voters, let alone elected President. He was, and things have been worse than I thought. They've been about as bad as possible as Trump has been … Continue reading We Need More Politicians Like Mitt Romney

If Only There Were a Mediator

Job was hit with a one-two-three punch. He lost all his livestock, which was his wealth and livelihood; his children; and his health in a swift streak of misfortunes. Job could not have known the dialog between the Lord and the Devil that preceded his suffering, but he instinctively felt that he had been wronged … Continue reading If Only There Were a Mediator

NIV Sola Scriptura: a Review

It was the spring of 2015. My wife and I had watched a video about typography and the Bible. Typography is simply the art of formatting words for reading, with consideration given to the layout and the typeface (font). The "layout" consists of many different elements, like how the letters should be spaced and aligned. … Continue reading NIV Sola Scriptura: a Review