Eisley Grows Up

Eisley has always been able to manufacture a good hook and raise it aloft with ghostly vocals, but it is in Eisley’s second studio album, Combinations, that they really come into their own. The music is less sing-songy than on previous offerings and the lyrics more substantial. If you have never been introduced to this … Continue reading Eisley Grows Up

Jesus is the Truth

I listen to talk radio. I used to listen to even more of it. Sometimes, music is just comparatively boring because talk keeps you engaged. Since you are constantly exposed to new topics, ideas, and current events and may or may not agree with the host, the guest, or the caller, you are required to … Continue reading Jesus is the Truth

Let’s Review This Call

It was a Wednesday night. Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga had thrown 26 consecutive outs, leaving him one out away from doing what has only been done 20 times in Major League Baseball history, a history that dates back over a hundred years: throwing a perfect game.  On the next pitch, the ball is hit. The … Continue reading Let’s Review This Call

Free Speech and the FCC

Congress shall make no law […] abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press. When people, even people who have the power of addressing many others via various media outlets, begin to say things that I don’t like, there are two ways I can react. Either I prefer that their ideas be engaged in … Continue reading Free Speech and the FCC