How We Know the Bible is True

I recently bought Samuel Waldron's expository commentary on the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. It is lengthy, and deserves to be, as the Confession takes sides on many issues that warrant deep evaluation. But today I was reading, naturally, through chapter 1. The Confession begins by speaking about the Bible, and has me motivated to … Continue reading How We Know the Bible is True

Ghost Stories

Recycling is the thing to do nowadays, and seeing as how I started this blog in October, I am going to recycle a post from my previous blog. So here it is:Halloween approaches quickly, so why not a little editorializing about ghost stories? I, for one, enjoy a good ghost story, and I also think … Continue reading Ghost Stories

The One Who is Not Against You is For You

The pastor of my church is teaching through the gospel of Luke. And Rhapsody in Blue is an awfully long song. That has nothing to do with this, but it is playing, and just as I thought it was about to end, I see it has 12 minutes remaining. Sorry. I should start completely over. … Continue reading The One Who is Not Against You is For You