Ideas al Dente meets the dictionary definition of a blog. But a good blog will be written by someone with specialized knowledge and revolve around that particular topic about which the author can speak with some authority. Doing this, a good blog will attract a readership of people interested in that topic. Ideas al Dente has neither theme, nor authority, nor, I suspect, more than a couple of readers (hi, Mom and Dad!). So as a blog, it rather fails.

Instead, Ideas al Dente is little more than my personal online journal about nonpersonal subjects—one layman’s take on those things that happen to interest said layman. I here present my thoughts to the cyber ether, as part of a constructive exercise in arranging and expressing some of the the things I carry about in my head. Since WordPress will save an unlimited volume of my gab at no charge to me, this seems like a pretty cost effective way to do something I enjoy doing because I’m good at it: write stuff. So as an online journal, it’s a rip-roaring success.

The name Ideas al Dente has two meanings. It is partly my twenty-something, clever self’s way of saying “half-baked ideas.” It is also meant to imply “ideas to chew on.” Also, the domain name wasn’t taken.

What People Say

Ideas al Dente is awesome.


Ideas al Dente is the go-to source for incisive commentary and world-changing solutions to our most pressing problems.


Don’t believe a word you read on Ideas al Dente.